1 Blog Post a Day Challenge

1 Blog Post a Day Challenge

It is my humble opinion that we are in the golden era of website development.  We have reached a moment in which another tech bubble is growing and growing fast.  The value of having traffic, more specifically quality traffic to your website/blog cannot be understated.  The average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for a specific niche blog can get up to $25-$50, so having even 1,000 impressions a day in those niches can be a profitable endeavor.  The real trick is to have your site reach up to 10,000-100,000 impressions a day, at which point you can be fully employed & making a nice living by simply updating your website and interacting with your audience.

With these kinds of numbers in mind it is no wonder that people all over the world are starting blogs every day, blogs about fishing, cooking, dancing, finance, technology, lifestyle, sports, you name it and there’s more than likely a blog for that.  But the truth is that 95% of blogs in every niche are not properly taken care of and most of the time get completely forgotten after the first 10-20 posts.  Which means for the diligent writer who publishes quality content on a regular basis there is plenty of room to make a name for yourself in this industry.

That is why I am proposing to my readers the:

1 Blog Post a Day Challenge

What is the 1 Blog Post a Day Challenge? Simple, start a blog and write one blog post a day on that blog for one entire year.  What’s the prize? Recognition and the chance to own a valuable web property in this booming tech bubble that we find ourselves in today.

If we do some very elementary math we come to the conclusion that you will have 365 blog posts after that year, that is quite a lot of posts/pages.  The benefits of having such a library of original content are numerous but the real benefit derived will be from the audience that you will be developing in the process.   And the best part is that they are going to value or at least read what you have to say which has some pretty powerful implications (this is a topic that I have discussed more in my previous post on how bloggers are the new rockstars) With a library of posts 300+ deep you will begin to reach levels that very few bloggers reach after years and years in the industry which will set you apart, it will also give a casual passerby of your site seemingly endless content (and impressions) to read on your site and allow you to keep them on your property for longer.

Don’t believe me that blogs have value?

Check out this site: http://www.lifed.com/

That site had 125 articles when it was sold earlier this year for $205,000

Here is the link to the auction: https://flippa.com/2857289-lifestyle-magazine-4-000-000-pageviews-mo-9-000-revenue-mo

A site with 1/3 the amount of blog posts as a I am suggesting with this challenge was gaining $9,000 profit a month before it sold for almost a quarter million dollars, see my point? 🙂

Now this site reached over 4,000,000 page views a month before it got to that level, which brings up another great point.  Make sure you write about something you enjoy, because if you don’t then the quality of the content you will be writing will be shit and people won’t read it.  I’m not going to pretend for a second that Life’d reached that amount of page views with 125 bad articles, those articles were well written, engaging, & entertaining, which led its readers to share the content and website on a massive level.  Which is another key to achieving a good readership, after writing a sizable amount of posts it is important to start promoting your blog on various social media networks, rss feed submissions, & some SEO.  The real trick here is to make your content as share able as possible by giving your readers the option to like, follow, & +1 everything you have to say.  This way you are giving the opportunity for your content to go viral and gain the mass traffic that we are all looking for.

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  1. Chase May 11, 2013 | Reply
    I liked that post. Motivating. Challenge accepted? ... ahghklgjfdalj it's so painful... how about 1/week?
  2. mgadala May 13, 2013 | Reply
    Hey Chase! Thanks for the input, 1/week will work just fine! I am personally aiming for 2-3 a week because of my busy schedule but as long you as are consistently providing quality informative content for your audience you are beginning to grow your authority online.
  3. Chase May 15, 2013 | Reply
    Even 2-3 seems pretty demanding. Although, yesterday I tried something I've seen others do that I'm not a big fan of, but it did help me get some thoughts down at least. Usually when I want to write something, it becomes this huge essay. This time, I decided to just write a little more casually on a topic that I had some thoughts on. There was no particular point I was trying to make, just kind of an observation note around a particular topic. Idk, we'll if that at least helps keep me in blogging mode.
  4. mgadala May 16, 2013 | Reply
    Great Strategy Chase, I tend to write essays as well but I'm starting to lean more towards casual observation with opinion, the truth is however that it is always important to bring something new, creative, or useful to the table because without quality for your audience it will be hard to keep them engaged.

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