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Professional Mobile App Developers in Miami

Lucid Site Designs is now proud to offer our Mobile App Development Services to the public!

We can develop, design, and market any type of application you can imagine, whether it be to streamline your private business tasks or developing an application to publish on the open market for all to use, we can make it happen.

We used to offer this service to companies as a white-label service, where other development firms would outsource their app development to us. We have now decided to offer our services to the general Public!. Here’s the best part, we can do it for a price that is far less than our competitors. Why go through a middle-man? Go straight to the source and contact us today!

“Every Business Should Be Thinking About Building Mobile Apps Today. It’s not a Fad or a Passing Trend. It’s Customer Service” – Forbes

The time to find a mobile app developer in Miami is now! don’t get left behind while other companies are taking your market share. Check out these charts showing Mobile usage in the last few years:



Are you looking to branch out your company or product by developing a mobile app in miami? Then you need the help of the professional Miami App Developers located right here at Lucid.

Our team of highly skilled programmers will analyze your business & market and will develop you the exact type of mobile application you are looking for that will be cross compatible will all major mobile operating systems including iPhone, Android, & Blackberry.

We have worked with companies all over the globe to develop stunning mobile apps in a variety of different fields including restaurants/bars/night clubs, realtors, lawyers, bands, churches, non profits, gyms, & radio stations just to name a few.

There are a lot of people claiming to be app developers in Miami but very few that can actually deliver quality programming at an affordable price, that is why we continue to offer the best possible prices for app development in Miami to help South Florida Small Business Owners.

Check out a few of the apps we have developed in recent years:




If you’re interested in learning more about Mobile App Development or just want to talk to one of our experts Give Us A Call or Drop us a Line!