Schema Just Got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks Google!

Schema Just Got a Whole Lot Easier Thanks Google!

My last post was about how Schema Markup is implemented and Why it is So Important For SEO and it seems that Google agrees with me because they just released a tool that makes adding Schema Markup a LOT easier for your website.

Their naming their new Schema machine the “Structured Data Markup Helper“, very aptly named Google.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

It’s pretty simple, all you do is add your URL and select the type of mark up you want to add to your page, then just start tagging:

Tagging is really easy, all you do is highlight what you want to add (like your phone number for a local business), right click and select the tag type. Google begins collecting all the new data and writing some new HTML for your site. Once your done tagging all the elements on your site just click “Create HTML” and you’l see something like this:

Then just add your newly written code courtesy of Google to your sites! This is clearly Google’s way of saying USE SCHEMA ON YOUR SITES HERE’S AN EASY WAY TO DO IT. With this new tool there is now no excuse to begin implementing Schema and my guess is that Google is going to start putting more weight on these new tags in their algorithm.

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