Bloggers Are the Rock Stars of our Generation

Bloggers Are the Rock Stars of our Generation

Most people when they hear the word “blogger” picture something like this:

But if you heard that they worked from home and wrote about what they love and never had to report to a boss, you might change your mind.

The truth is that the need for content, more specifically quality content is still in very high demand online and could continue to use a lot more new entrants in the eco system. Because for every blogger out there, theres a better blogger waiting around the corner to get more fans, subscribers, & traffic. And for the really good ones that separate themselves from the rest and start to build a real following they can begin to achieve Rock Star Status:

Check Out Some of The Biggest Blog Stars:

1. Paul Krugman
Paul Krugman’s blog in the NY Times is one of the most read blogs online with ~150,000 daily visitors reading what he has to say.  The implications of having such a huge audience are immense, not just because he has a huge platform to speak to, but more because of how that audience sees him and his opinion.  You could pay to advertise on the side of his blog, but that would have a marginal effect on sales as compared to having Paul write a blog post about what he believes to be true.  When you also take into consideration the audience that respects him (mostly upper class citizens), that makes his opinion very valuable. and that is why Paul Krugman (although he may not look like it) is in fact, a rock star.


2. Leo Baubata

Leo Baubata is the author of a blog that focuses on finding inner peace in every day activities.  His blog has an average of ~140,000 visitors a day making it one of the biggest blogs & websites in general online.  The most perplexing thing about Leo is that he does not advertise on his blog, something that is almost unprecedented among websites of this size.  He could easily generate a very generous living by simply placing a few Adsense banners on his site.  But like a rock star would, he chooses not to.



3. Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin’s blog is one of the biggest blogs online averaging around 400,000 visitors a day.  The most amazing thing about Michelle is that her blog is not part of a bigger domain like some other size-able bloggers attaining similar amounts of traffic.  She is generating it all on her own and maintaing it with the help of a few other authors.  Her website is easily generating 10-15k a month just in advertising and could be doing even better with affiliate sales.  Michelle’s opinion and following is growing every day and so is her rock star status.



Although it still maybe hard to consider bloggers rock stars, it is fact that they are becoming an increasingly influential part of our new digital society and the bloggers that make a splash in their industry carry a lot of weight with their publications and opinions.  Much like big media names like Oprah, Howard Stern, & Dr. Oz have audiences that respect and listen to their every word, bloggers are drawing their audiences in with compelling and shareable content that is only going to draw more attention and traffic in the future.




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