Re Designing Your Site Matters (& Lowers Your Bounce Rate)

Why Re Designing Your Site Matters (& Lowers Your Bounce Rate)

The sales process in Web Design can be quite a daunting task, mostly due to the abundance of low quality developers out there that are willing to promise people the world for $200, leaving quality web developers and designers quite a difficult task of showing the true value of a quality site design. I’ve Spoken to countless people who’s websites look something like this:

(Actual Website for Florida’s Division of Corporations


And they still believe that this type of website portrays an image of professionalism and quality to their clients. The truth is that websites are becoming the store fronts of the future and a lot of times people will visit your website before they ever decide to walk in your store/office. Now if your website looks like it was built in 2003 than your clients will begin to judge your business poorly, even if you are the best in your industry. The fact of the matter is that First Impressions Count and for a lot of businesses that means your website counts and here is some proof:

We recently Re-Designed our own website and although it has only been 11 days we have already begun to see some amazing improvements in some of the areas of site interaction that matter most including Bounce Rate, Pages/Visit, & Average Visit Duration.

We ran a comparison in Analytics from the 11 days of the new design to the previous 11 days and what we saw was astonishing.

At the General Overview of Audience Interaction we can see that everything went up:



Now let’s take a look at the improvements for some of our most important keywords:

(not provided) – usually the highest traffic keyword from Organic searches, comes from Google’s new privacy policy not showing keyword data for users that are logged in.


Miami Web Design


Web Design Miami


All important factors are up and some are up exponentially, Average Visit Duration for Miami Web Design went from 12 seconds to 1:54, an increase of 713%, for Miami Web Design it went up 551%.  These increases are astronomical and are clearly a result of the new design.  This data shows very clearly that people were leaving our website early and not going very deep into the website at all because of our lacking design and the new design is now capturing our visitors in a much more engaging fashion.

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